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Welcome to H3, where we offer Equine massage, saddle fitting and sales, the PEMF system for horses and humans, as well as kinesiology taping.

 Feel free to contact me for my services listed above! H3 would love to help you and your equine partner.






Certified Equine and Dog Massage Therapy available increasing range of motion and decreases recovery time



Performance Enhancement, Health Maintenance & Healing! Completely safe, drug free with no side effects



Saddle fitting, adjustments and saddle sales!



Therapeutic tape can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and inflammatory conditions



Servicing Entire Pudget Sound and Surrounding areas

Tel:  360-271-2176


8:30 AM - 5:00 PM 

Monday - Friday

By Appointment Only


Closed Sunday




Christine Murray has an extensive background in personal training that spans nearly 2 decades and is very well versed in the use of muscles in Human and Horses. Being a national level triathlete herself she fully understands the importance of taking care your body as well as that of your equine athlete. She has worked as an EMT (Equine Massage Therapist) across the country; being employed to work at international Farms in Texas (Woodlands Equestrian Center) as well as in Florida, notably being hired as the EMT for the Olympic Qualifier in 2016 for the horses being used for the Pentathlon event. 


Christine's previous home station was in Southern Pines NC where she worked on eventing horses under the care of 8 time Olympian Mike Plumb as well as Dressage horses who trained with Olympic Judge Linda Zang. She works on international quality horses to horses in rehabilitation from injuries to barrel racers to well loved trail horses and lesson ponies. She has worked on horses and ponies of all breeds, from shetland ponies to percherons. Whether you are english, western, driving, polo cross, dressage, eventing, jumping, reining, and everything in between your horse can benefit from Massage therapy, PEMF and Kinesiology Taping.

Christine will give your horse only the best care as she will preform a full body mobility exam with any appointment made for either saddle fitting, PEMF or equine massage. Due to her knowledge of the equine body she can effectively pinpoint issues stemming from either poor saddle fit, sore muscles or an alignment issue. She has trained with various forms of body work, equine chiropractors and acupuncture's so that she can help identify if there is an skeletal alignment issue that needs a chiropractor.  

Additionally Christine has a Bachelors of Science from West Point and a Masters Degree in Engineering, so she fully understands the science side of saddle fitting. Making sure angles are correct and there is not excessive pressure that will cause the horse to be sore. Further more she has been to multiple saddle fitting courses from various instructors learning different techniques. She has spent hundreds of hours learning and continues her education. 

To further aid in her knowledge she has attended and graduated from the USDF L program and maintains her continuing education as knowledge of riding and knowledge of saddle fitting are closely intertwined. She also regularly attends clinics with top Knotch trainers in the PNW such as Mike Osinski, Kritsi Wysoki, Kari Mclain, and Lilo Fore. 

Her love of horses lead her to become a saddle fitter. She has several horses of her own that she trains and competes on, starting them from the ground up herself. She various types, from fancy oldenburgs to cute German Riding pony crosses, to draft quarter horses crosses and arabs and have owned many others in the past. They currently range in age from 2 to 25 and she rides everything from training level to FEI. So being a rider and competitor herself she really understands what riders are going through at all levels with all types. 


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